duminică, 25 martie 2012


Poem by Celestine

Wall tuition inside your basket back,
They call it - heart's lesson.
When you poured it over lapel
With the strength and struggle inside your chest.
No fingers of Thor,
No Gods holding his hammer.
Just making the hem of glory,
Around your woeful heart.


The revolving motion of my heart
Made of bones...
My becoming shelter of love.
Spitting on your own blanket,
With the gratitude of the nailed-up heart
For I learnt to walk to the death,
With my bare feet.

He loved the ballanced kiss of the creature
Who wrote the dorsal emotion inside his palm.
Mystical story about one man
Who denied the gifted heart of Gods.
The primogeniture was broken, 
When he was made out of her.
The woman's rib was taken by man.
Replaced heart with the beginning habit
Of the wanted love, outside his chest.

Who will stop the pendulum when I defy the time?
Little steps making of sand
When you try to rebuild the old me.
Dragging past over your lips shall remain.
 Unfed God of Love
Hidden rock into your chest
Wanted to come today,
With his heart at sight.


Under your hat I felt like a woman
Defined aspects of giving myself,
To you.
I saw how you stole the angels
With all my heart,
Having the tethered love by creation of a dream.
My dream.
A simple dance of how to love
By pulling out my empty useless heart.

Bring me back my swing denuded tree
When running from-such love,
Of your hanging breast.
I downloaded your pain from the heart,
Laying it into the ground of the rootless world
When I became an angel of the purple sounds
The sounds inside God's chest,
When he put his heart at sight.

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