marți, 31 ianuarie 2012


 Poem by Celestine 

Hung nakedness
Was pulling down the cadence,
So I kiss the shame 
Out of your hands.
Dominating your death,
I gave away my determination.

I stick my forehead to the ugly mouths
With smiles deluging your lies.
I weep inside your spotless mind,
When you kiss the silence of my eyelash,
Banishing me to myself.

 So I ran after a piece of me,
One hand equal to my heart,
One heart equal to my eyes,
Spread it all over.

I would stick my eyes to the graves
By my dead I'd fill you with touch.
You want me in your birth,
Scenting the power inside tomorrow.

In the silent dance,
You sent me back to myself
When I desert you all.

miercuri, 25 ianuarie 2012


And if it hurts 
I say:
Beyond those three stars 
my pain is dust.
For I know...
I am just the end of my pain.
  Poem by Celestine

Do you remember the spring?
That green burst out from your lazy eye 
And flashed me.
So funny to believe in green eyelashes
Covering that light,
They call it the Centauri-summer.

 Do you think the summer is yellow?
It's like warm illusion of the red pocket
When you put your hand into:
First you grab the sun,
Then you think of a sweet smell
Around your fingers.
Tiny little gap of joy inside your heart.
When your planet fits your hand,
When your hand fits your pocket,
When your pocket fits your summer.
By any chance,
Have you seen my ancient  fall?
You know... 
Those leaves that covered your chest,
When the stars had no trees to hang on,
When the beauty had no shoes to walk with,
When the planet became purple,
Before the oblivion.
So cold and yet...
So bleak, 
That smile you put between my lips 
And said:

Do you remember my winter birth?
They killed me in the summer,
For I shall blossom in my winter scale.
Devils behind are small,
No hat over the third eye.
Those two stars that came along 
By nature.
The flippancy of my Gods made me believe,
In love.
So premature reduction of my eyelash,
A rapscallion iris painted in blue.


My Alpha apple-star broke in two:
One star I gave to my angel,
And the other to his enemy
Who made my eye rain.
Those tears forgot my brolly,
So wet slippery eye fell
Into your hands.
No umbrella fit my pocket,
When I put you in there.

sâmbătă, 14 ianuarie 2012


  Poem by Celestine

Stick your hands to my temples
The eyes hung the nakedness
When I pull down your cadence.
So I kissed your hands 
When the shame dominated my death.
Too blind to see the white bird,
Sucking your black blood 
Out of your ear.
It is the legend of the failure,
The denial of the fallen one.


 I throw you over the empty walls
Making love out of it.
  Then I stick my head inside your ugly mouth,
For I would fill it with smiling lies.
I weep for those hanging to nothing,
Kissers of the eyelash silence.
I punished myself with death
When I denied your greatness...
My humble determination of love.

Don't need your cloudy help,
I keep in touch with my death.
No need to love my world, my spirit.
Tomorrow is powerless
For today I deny your mirror!
What can you do without me?
Your perfect love died when I was born.
It's time to change places
So you can learn the lesson,
Of not loving my fear.

vineri, 6 ianuarie 2012


Where  is the beautiful is the power inside us!

Poem by Celestine

All my angels are tired, so I let them listening 
While I was sleeping

The night I turned on your knees
Is the night I smelt the nicotine on the leaf.
With this claw,
 The savage residence appease my pleasure, still.
It's your descendants month,
Had left fingers through your hair at their wedding.
I left the bed of green satin,
When your butterflies were caught lip.
I've turned inside out,
Queen of clay... ravaged me, by smelling it.

Your way, my way, under the heel of your left eye,
When you have reached my solar feet.
Find me in a thousand sand circles to get pierced
 With the sweet milk offshoot.
What plant pulls out your chest in thousands of ventricles
In a forgotten beat.
The breath of heaven rustling
Between your burned lips.
You killed the Machiavellian darkness,
King over certainty, the king of the affinities is not dead!
No longer coastal will,
You're a woman now!


Your trees flourished in the womb land,
Fancy fruit learned to walk.
Out of lust you blossomed into full touch,
Coiled me into shiver,
When your void breast - shattering milk
Of high-miss sea, was between us.
You were struck by the turmoil bank of denial,
I've wanted you in the reverse branches of the forehead,
Out of cheeks and the lack of the sun, into the middle.
Hide me into the Orfeus dance.
Today I'm not the nourishment for the music
It is the birth-cry healing.

Oh, my queen!
At night I have blossomed over indifference,
I shuddered my egoistical mirror
You are firm to me - shade with freckles,
Bent over my pain.
And shake my breath by smelling my  free world,
For they forgot to feel your beauty
Into the great slumber curse.
Virgin of the moon,
Your tear is but the fruit growing into the ground,
Teach me how to walk, how to stand up your immortality.
Teach me to be.