marți, 31 ianuarie 2012


 Poem by Celestine 

Hung nakedness
Was pulling down the cadence,
So I kiss the shame 
Out of your hands.
Dominating your death,
I gave away my determination.

I stick my forehead to the ugly mouths
With smiles deluging your lies.
I weep inside your spotless mind,
When you kiss the silence of my eyelash,
Banishing me to myself.

 So I ran after a piece of me,
One hand equal to my heart,
One heart equal to my eyes,
Spread it all over.

I would stick my eyes to the graves
By my dead I'd fill you with touch.
You want me in your birth,
Scenting the power inside tomorrow.

In the silent dance,
You sent me back to myself
When I desert you all.

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