sâmbătă, 7 iulie 2012


Poem by Celestine

 When everything opens inside you,
The whole world's coming out
Like the last pain makes you naked in front of God,
The truth becomes my survival angel
Left into my soul's cage. 

 Holding up his palms,
Made home for my fear of being seen.
My naked truth embraced his chest,
With thrills of joy he lifted me up
Played my heart's story on the edge:
I was the truth inside.
The upper world was missing me.


Why fight with myself?
When the other me is half naked under my eyelashes?
Not in my time I shall forget 
All the lying slaves making love with my mind.
Those slaves of the drought Ego,
Fearful slaves of the truth.

Winking host of the death,
Thousands of butterflies were scattered.
Forgot to tell you how they put their wings on a cherry leaf.
Those wings were once my rusted cuffs.
The cuffs of my naked truth.
One enclosed eye like some cufflinks
Took the end of my empty dreams.


Winter dance made me slip away.
My delirious glad eye darted a glance
At your truth's ceremony.
Like a missile of genuine creation, walking by
Some statements of how to breath the distrust
How to enchant the naked cadavers, 
In front of a fancy world.
My last dance under the shameful sky,
My last partner of oblivion that once lived inside me,
Before I was born to forget.

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  1. Amazing:X! Nu am mai trecut de mult pe aici . Trebuie să recuperez ! Te îmbrăţişez!:X

  2. Ana-Maria@
    Ma bucura prezenta ta aici.
    Calatorie frumoasa prin my cyber world :)

  3. Felicitari pentru tot ce faci! Incantata sa ma regasesc (si) in tine!