miercuri, 19 septembrie 2012


Down to the sky
I let the sun go by this world of fears
For the light that guided me
was the celestial light.

by Celestine

I have been given the right to fly
My upside-down sky took away this right.
I put the sea above and learned to swim among those clouds.
How is to find the sun at shore...
To step over it,
Burnt feet, sand in the yellow eye
No rain under my eyelashes,
No God above... to dominate my world
In reverse.

How big was my sea, 
In gentle breast, cut?
I proceeded to light,
Just walking across the sky.

You know the dance of the Earth,
When you rotate the head of a deer?
It's like a child with the face full of tears,
The sea was made out of them.
Did you ever hear the sea' song?
The flurry inside my heart
Belongs to it:
I was born inside this war.

The waterfall of my celestial light
Falling down the sea
Made of cloudy bones, iron dreams and sweet lies.
My inside-out house of illusions,
All falling into my sky, beneath.
How is to pray to the sea, out of the reason
To put the moon in the middle of it,
To drown the stars inside a fish's mouth
To let them breath the sky below.

For ages I prayed to walk on heaven, made of sand
No gloves when the angels touched me,
Pouring with fish bones on my shoulders.
That waterfall of dreams
Fell under my feet.

That kiss,
Under the soles of the world.
Above the star's thieves I put human's dreams,
They see me when I die inside them
But when I stole that kiss...
They covered their senses.

How big was my world,
Dressed up with grass and trees coiled.
Breast of lamb I had none,
I was my own hero when I felt your cheek under my lips
So much light inside my eye
Like a glimpse, that moment...
That kiss...
Under my feet died.

With the will of God into my pockets,
Reaching out for my butterfly destiny,
Wandering among the hosts of angels.
Once I got into heaven next to you.
Then you flew back on my finger,
Soft wings touching my true North
Soft pointed finger of the other Me,
Came into my light...
Making your home beneath my sky.

And they got me,
With all this waste and longing.
They said that I am beautiful
When I stop my heart beating and I lock it up,
Thy put me to a nowhere sky.
A sky you'll never touch,
Without climbing my celestial light.

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