duminică, 22 aprilie 2012



Poem by Celestine 

Behold the tree of my vertical back
My denuded tree full of snakes
Left inside the church:
The church of my soul.
With tongues of fire,
The burden of angry elephants learned to die
They call it Patience:
Like resting inside of me.

Caducous  - Stop motion of my  perishable soul

 I am a different way to say NO 
To my alienation!
The whole murkiness 
Drenched my universe of leaves
Into the cup of your hand,
Dancing fingers of love.

designed by Ben Ryan

You told me:
 It's just their suffering looking for the form
The temporal illusion of being.
   Not everything that sees has eyes,
Long periplus of my heart when I desire
The endeavour of not giving,
Myself to this world.

The memory of "what if",
Like red tresses of an empty sun.
Crematory scene of the slumber,
When I die between your open eyes.
The father and the son inside the cell,
With no shelter of the Self,
No rite of redemption,
Just a cursed recall.

 Where shall I grope for,
When the amber soul of my world
Caught the butterflies in my stomach?
You were the last caterpillar, 
Resting inside me! 


My happiness is like a leap over self acceptance.
You told me:
Let us flee from those who made this world
A messy creation of bones.
 Crossing the bridge to the land of silence,
You made me pay.

There were a square and a circle,
A big envelope, named Love,
That covers my apprehension for nowhere.
My qualmish slumber of forever
Killing this world inside my ear.
I've glued your hand to my temple,
 So you can hear me!

 Every birth is a mistake, you said.
Like a Samurai word inside you
Seppuku of respectable ideas,
Of how to love me less. 
The way you touch my never ending shore
The next dream I was born into,
The world of the worlds!
  How was I?
 Do you see me?
Hazy presence of some Gods
Resting inside my pockets.
Tell me where shall I die
When my bursting heart cries out
For a piece of me?

 If the world stops there, where shall I stop myself?
On what roots should I climb?
What tree grows inside of a lie
Who sees the gap when your slippery hands
Demands the harvesting tears,
Of no more needs?

 I forgot to breathe inside your hand
Like a palindrome of the faith:
One God, 
Two Gods,
Three Gods.
When you get up to their chest
And read it backwards,
Dwelling in the same sky. 

Don't speak!
Don't betray the high words
Occlusive act for a mandatory nowhere!
No roots in time,
No fragrance inside the apple,
Only the temptation to my heavenly caducous:
My tree position into the Universe.

Same wind moving my tear down here
Same question of "Why"
Like the moisture inside my eye
When the last God stared at me.
   The sea gull reached the hidden path
Beyond the plebs with no grave to guard,
For I have learned to rest
Inside me! 

duminică, 15 aprilie 2012


Poem by Celestine

  I am the black widow of my past,
My veiled destiny was hidden
Into the fish's belly.
I am the lost saviour
Of the red-eyed angels.
Sing to the fish's dream ashore!
Delicate waltz of the Fay,
For each birth is a mourning.

The beginning

Touching without fear, shame, reason.
Like an acid rain from heaven,
Melting the whole cravenness
Inside this plastic world.
This fancy denouement of the childhood.

Middle dream

 It seeped over the ankle 
Like a fire inside the eye.
My ovoid eye,
 Not to stir an eyelid in front of the death,
Not to cast my love into the unicorn's ear.

   The denouement of the dream

My leg is tight with the rope 
Of the ancient bewildered fisher.
Next to the cliff,
I was sitting between me and myself. 
The final illusion of the dry fish:
I am only clay!
Can't love more than that.

luni, 9 aprilie 2012


 Poem by Celestine

Earth sat me to the right path
Small hands dicing with death,
So called falling rain,
That quilling made of rain,
Inside your eyes.
The ultimate shower of love,
From the open sky.

Let me run at your chest - melted lips
Next to the window of love.
Let us wipe the dreams over the forehead,
Of an ancient rain.
Don't love my chains,
Let me rain all over you,
Let my open palms show you the future
For I deny it inside me.

Kissing me behind the rain,
Cheating on it
When I trickle on your cheeks,
Slipping into your heart
When it rains with me.

That dance on your shoulders
A forced splash inside your eyes
Like a Taj Mahal built for me,
In the Agra of my soul.

Having a walk inside the rain,
Holding the mermaid in my pocket,
A pocket full of clouds:
 Like a flurry inside your wet hair
Within the ocean of memories,
When you slip into oblivion. 
Make me believe 
That inside my heart
It rains with love,
That inside your heart
It rains with me.

duminică, 1 aprilie 2012


Poem by Celestine 

And the pink turns into gray 
Whenever I feel like having you.
What is Forever?
My salvation, 
My tribute to a needy, fancy, hope
My statement in front of your judgement.
My greedy eye facing the poor souls.
My illusion inside of a mirror.
Myself  into Yourself.


It's like ceasing my heartbeat
When I divided the world:
My dark angel is in love today
Its blotchy shoulder waved away my fear.
Do you want me to become white?
He asked.
I shall smile to you, I shall call it joy!
White joy is taking a bow, now
A bondage of my dark side,
In no time.
My dark angel is in love,
With my white one.

Forever  - is a lie!
Like every other lie that twinkles inside.
That sky full of kites,
When you pray for a miracle.
The sound of eternity digging my ear...
So, let me breathe the last hope,
From your pocket.
Don't jump!
Not yet.

I might survive this lie,
I might walk on the short bridge of life,
Without threads.
You are my angel, now.
My Forever angel of solitude.
Can I buy you ten minutes
With a cup of tea, 
Full of tingled words
That burst out, blue
A peculiar hat for this promenade.
Is coming back forever?
My flight ticket to never-ending
Is it?
The angel glow is my therapy,
Of truth. 

He will come, I know he will.
Same words like "forever"
Beyond the maze of my heart,
I shall see the plea of love.
He will love me, I know he will.
Like the raindrop over his pocket.
Paramount heaven of my angels.
They snatched my bleak hope,
Foggy eyes of promises searing
This promise land of Forever.

 designed by Morph

Warm yellow rays flooding my solarium pocket.
A pocket of a possible dawn,
When you lie to me.
 But I shall wait forever,
Inside the shell snail of my origin.
The one grasping my heart 
For I believe in forever-after 
A terrible chore of dreams,
In need.