duminică, 15 aprilie 2012


Poem by Celestine

  I am the black widow of my past,
My veiled destiny was hidden
Into the fish's belly.
I am the lost saviour
Of the red-eyed angels.
Sing to the fish's dream ashore!
Delicate waltz of the Fay,
For each birth is a mourning.

The beginning

Touching without fear, shame, reason.
Like an acid rain from heaven,
Melting the whole cravenness
Inside this plastic world.
This fancy denouement of the childhood.

Middle dream

 It seeped over the ankle 
Like a fire inside the eye.
My ovoid eye,
 Not to stir an eyelid in front of the death,
Not to cast my love into the unicorn's ear.

   The denouement of the dream

My leg is tight with the rope 
Of the ancient bewildered fisher.
Next to the cliff,
I was sitting between me and myself. 
The final illusion of the dry fish:
I am only clay!
Can't love more than that.

2 comentarii:

  1. Noapte lina,fata albastra...indreaptat-ti ochii spre fereastra...e o Stea care straluceste mai bland ca niciodata...ia-o,e a ta!

  2. Carmen@
    Muntii o vad?
    Daca da... a mea e!
    Pretuire si sarbatori cu stele, chiar si cu a mea :)