luni, 9 aprilie 2012


 Poem by Celestine

Earth sat me to the right path
Small hands dicing with death,
So called falling rain,
That quilling made of rain,
Inside your eyes.
The ultimate shower of love,
From the open sky.

Let me run at your chest - melted lips
Next to the window of love.
Let us wipe the dreams over the forehead,
Of an ancient rain.
Don't love my chains,
Let me rain all over you,
Let my open palms show you the future
For I deny it inside me.

Kissing me behind the rain,
Cheating on it
When I trickle on your cheeks,
Slipping into your heart
When it rains with me.

That dance on your shoulders
A forced splash inside your eyes
Like a Taj Mahal built for me,
In the Agra of my soul.

Having a walk inside the rain,
Holding the mermaid in my pocket,
A pocket full of clouds:
 Like a flurry inside your wet hair
Within the ocean of memories,
When you slip into oblivion. 
Make me believe 
That inside my heart
It rains with love,
That inside your heart
It rains with me.

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