marți, 15 ianuarie 2013


Six levels of the creation:

  • Childhood dream
  • Butterflies in the stomach
  • Growing love
  • Love's apogee
  •  The waiting for 
  • The end of the dream

A poem by Celestine

New wings for the sky walker
A painted ear was framed inside my heart;
I wanted a new identity to hear me out
Dragging down the whole Universe
Made a cosmic laughter in my pilgrim's soul,
Made a new flight for my human's agenda.

That green bone has defiled the world
 Devilish eye inspired by life,
Like a Menorah above those bowed foreheads.
But you took me into your arms, 
Crushing that green bone of  
 the dark angel...
Dressed up in white.

I've danced into the life's cruel palms,
Being crucified between its shoulders 
Left joy on that swing of hope
Made the circle of life spinning,
Around the beast's ankle.
His stuck-up heart surrounded my angel
with lies.

The Universe:
A huge cheek bone biting those spheres
A complete circle of energy holding your hands.
I made the world for you,
I made that temple of embracing life
 Condescending human's communion,
when I forged Eden.

Those hands, that touch...
A bit of my heart running towards my fear:
That fear!
Kadmon's incarnation of a betrayed God.
That madness bursting out into a womb
When we live the full circle.
Was I wrapped up in that book of glory?
 Was I a giant bulge of love
that exploded on Earth?

That onus ascribed to my angel
A fiery bosom friend that became a woman
Loveable creation by men rules'
A round cosmos playing by heart human's solitude.
A scintillating Universe swinging into the woman's lungs.
Singing like a violin the obsolete song
of a cross-shaped life,
Into a perfect circle! 

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