sâmbătă, 12 mai 2012


designed by Sharlota Ban 

Our soul has bird form when we fly back.

Poem by Celestine 

 I was the master of the mute angels
Down on their knees, 
The cosmos appeared full of ants swept by the earth.
Rested on a man's shoulder with hungry eyes
Watching his dreams:

Frugal dreams of a clay dance
Fell from the sky.
Bird-shaped dreams,
When man wanted Icarus wings.

Dance with me,
Hand in hand with death
Imitating the stars,
For God made the sky
In the form of a bird.

Put the last God on Earth.
His noisy arms mesmerized the dawn
The heaven crucified by humans
Need bird wings to rise again. 
A new scintillation of love laid down on my shoulders.
I came to you in the form of a bird.


 Our bones grow when we die
In a world of fanatics I stood on my foot of light,
Made the epitome of how to use the wings
 Like a drain inside the heart made by the mortals.

luni, 7 mai 2012


Poem by Celestine

God put the right eyes, to the right people
But the right people don't need eyes! 

Gave away my dreams in the race of life
Flying crazy over time.
I was his treasure,
Solitude pruning my death
With so many arms hid inside the pocket of times.
Dance into my ear,
Whispering the flight of gathering leaves,
At the wedding of your monomial heart.

Climbing the ladder of your soul,
You cheated the wind.
The tree inside your blue eyes
Was born to love the man,
Getting to the heaven oval leaf
With the hands behind his back.

The tree grew inside my heart
I was the chimney sweep of love.
I laid the sky down on the tree's chest 
Flying with his wing leaves,
I caught your smile.

 Lost among the leaves
You kissed the death on the cheek.
Why did you lift the treasure without crown,
When the trees die from the root?
You've jumped over the world,
Wallowing into the grass,
With giant strides you've stepped over the death,
 Thralling your fear of wings.

Hewers of wood and drawers of water
Dancing the anti-wing dance of the tree.
Leaf wings revolving your wounded chest
When you fly again!
Then you pulled the orphan word 
 Punishing my love with silence
Burning dance.

Levitation of the wing tree
Made me sleep under your arms.
Have you ever looked at my chest 
When you lifted me up from the morning's hell?
 It was the treasure of my wing tree,
The never-ending dream of flying
When you can't touch the land,
With your bare feet.