joi, 14 iunie 2012


Poem by Celestine

When God put me down the Earth
I took the heaven with me.
Inside the rain I hid my God
With Its smell of dawn
Drained from my veins.

 Heaven ordered them all,
To forget what I chose from it.
The immensity of the Earth snatched you,
When you quivered like an aspen leaf.
Your hands clasped the simmering down,
Of my burgeoning heart.
It's like airing my pores
When I conquer these worlds.

 The sky smelling like you
Your windy hair solacing my soul,
That day.
My dandelion calendar...
My flight calendar knelt you
When the exuded angel prayed for me:
I was smelling like the rain.

The back-lash of your detaching
 Away from the meat's smell. 
The fury like a tandrum inside the eye
The triangular eye of my God
Dragged the heaven inside your skin,
 I smelt heaven in you.

  Forgotten world of man
Revolved love inside those trees.
Tired leaves around your neck
When you danced with me,
The liberty song of the lunatics.
I was made for you,
But you forgot who made me.

Let the man consume what's left of this world
Sweet basil replaced your eyelashes
When deceiving the act of death.
Memory of me dying inside your sky
Such spell, such glamour, such love
Smeeling you...
Instead of a sky.

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