sâmbătă, 14 ianuarie 2012


  Poem by Celestine

Stick your hands to my temples
The eyes hung the nakedness
When I pull down your cadence.
So I kissed your hands 
When the shame dominated my death.
Too blind to see the white bird,
Sucking your black blood 
Out of your ear.
It is the legend of the failure,
The denial of the fallen one.


 I throw you over the empty walls
Making love out of it.
  Then I stick my head inside your ugly mouth,
For I would fill it with smiling lies.
I weep for those hanging to nothing,
Kissers of the eyelash silence.
I punished myself with death
When I denied your greatness...
My humble determination of love.

Don't need your cloudy help,
I keep in touch with my death.
No need to love my world, my spirit.
Tomorrow is powerless
For today I deny your mirror!
What can you do without me?
Your perfect love died when I was born.
It's time to change places
So you can learn the lesson,
Of not loving my fear.

4 comentarii:

  1. numele fotografilor nu-i vom şti niciodată?
    sunt cîteva pe care le ador

  2. Cella@
    Cand o sa am sursa, o sa o scriu, fireste.
    Pozele le-am primit, fara sursa si ce am gasit eu, nu aveau autor.
    Daca vei gasi autorul si sursa, rogu-te sa mi-o scrii.