miercuri, 25 ianuarie 2012


And if it hurts 
I say:
Beyond those three stars 
my pain is dust.
For I know...
I am just the end of my pain.
  Poem by Celestine

Do you remember the spring?
That green burst out from your lazy eye 
And flashed me.
So funny to believe in green eyelashes
Covering that light,
They call it the Centauri-summer.

 Do you think the summer is yellow?
It's like warm illusion of the red pocket
When you put your hand into:
First you grab the sun,
Then you think of a sweet smell
Around your fingers.
Tiny little gap of joy inside your heart.
When your planet fits your hand,
When your hand fits your pocket,
When your pocket fits your summer.
By any chance,
Have you seen my ancient  fall?
You know... 
Those leaves that covered your chest,
When the stars had no trees to hang on,
When the beauty had no shoes to walk with,
When the planet became purple,
Before the oblivion.
So cold and yet...
So bleak, 
That smile you put between my lips 
And said:

Do you remember my winter birth?
They killed me in the summer,
For I shall blossom in my winter scale.
Devils behind are small,
No hat over the third eye.
Those two stars that came along 
By nature.
The flippancy of my Gods made me believe,
In love.
So premature reduction of my eyelash,
A rapscallion iris painted in blue.


My Alpha apple-star broke in two:
One star I gave to my angel,
And the other to his enemy
Who made my eye rain.
Those tears forgot my brolly,
So wet slippery eye fell
Into your hands.
No umbrella fit my pocket,
When I put you in there.

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