luni, 6 februarie 2012


  Poem by Celestine

 Blindfolded delight longing for me
Behind my angels my hat was on
Covering the darkness inside-out.
I love you tomorrow,
I promise you!
For today I am resting my soul.
Blindfolded pleasure at my wedding
When the dark spouse gathered my joy,
Inside his pockets.
Tomorrow he returns to me,
With dead promises.

 Blindfolded death of mine,
Those losted hands digging inside me
Reaching for the white heart,
For the white rabbit,
For the white hole,
For the white birth.
In for a penny, in for a pound
Is the dance of the deads.

I died today.
It was the death of the Self,
When you forgot the story of life.
How did the joy became sorrow,
When her breast fed you with debts.
The travel of oblivion,
Is the oblivion of Man.

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