joi, 23 februarie 2012


Poem by Celestine

At your breast I have slipped sharply,
Constrained morning between your thighs.
I was born in my own hands
Stepped over my fingers,
Like a smoked river in a world
Of men.

Will you marry me if I'm dead? 
Under the weight of a rough ground,
Spread me at your feet.
Punch me with my shortcoming,
Let my deaf angel inside your ear.
Throw me in you!
Kill my fear,
For I was born backwards,
Inside myself.

Created label for your lips
Tasting the air I breath.
You are my last cigarette!
My last pleasure when I die inside.
Thou shalt not steal the balm,
Inside my chest.

You put my soul on the paper.
My pencil wrote over your heart
With a smile,
With a tear,
With a noisy kiss,
Between your clumsy lips.

I am alive inside your eyes
Dragged the old me under your hat,
When I fall into your arms,
So certain!
You are my vertical illusion.

2 comentarii:

  1. Maine e PRIMAVARA...sper sa-ti intre-n blog si-n suflet cu multa culoare!

  2. Multumesc Carmen.
    Ca nu m-ai uitat si ca mi-ai gandit primavara.
    Multa iubire si tie!