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Excerpt from the novel "The World Below",
Junimea Publishing House, Iassy, Romania, 2010
by Celestine




If you haven’t loved yet, you have stainless, long time to do so.

Don’t leave your ship nor your soul, as you stare into the abyss, because where there is a fall... there’s a new ascension!

If you fear darkness, remember even darkness fears the light.

 If you are afraid of your fellow man, ask yourself how much he fears your fear.

 If you’re ashamed to hug a stranger, first make friends with the stranger inside you.

If running away is the best defence into the mind’s hell, 
go into the hell and run away from your mind.

Though judging others comforts you, do understand judging
through the “comfort” of the others. 

 Give children the right to be yours,but leave them free to play and wander at their will, thus when they ought to be grown they shall breed you, as well. 

 Learn to learn nothing and feel the lack of 
knowledge apart of not learning, but something
given ahead.

When you feel healthy inside, let open your souls and ask not for truths you cannot bear.

Tell them that the world belongs to water and into water they will find a new beginning.

            Tell them that the night shall be day when they will find the love of the fellow man.

            Tell them when they’ll let themselves free, their souls will travel along and when they’ll cease the war within themselves, they will find their peace.

Show them the beauty inside any beast, as for every beast was born to regale itself from kindness.

  Give them your knowledge as I have given it to you and help them dream the purity beyond and within the water.

I shall come in hard times embracing your pain, your foreheads and tear full eyes I shall wash and with my tales I shall caress you. 

            If you haven’t been loved yet, you have a soul that’s searching itself through love. 

When you feel deserted, look up for the sky
and scream at those forsaken to fill up your soul, thus the sky full of rain and the flowers’ fields will lay down upon you, to comfort your tiredness.

     If you have forgotten how love looks like at its edges, embrace the trees, they shall ask for nothing in return, only bring you remembrance, they shall.

  If  you have forgotten you’re not alone in this world, look at the mountain peaks and at the vastness of the sea, for they shall always be there for you, when you’re longing. 

   If  from your path have strayed and can’t find your way or the road ahead,leave memories along the trail, for the road is not ahead, but back where you have started from.  

     Thus every ending is a new beginning, every beginning is a new ending, as well.

The whole man’s wonder lies within simple drops of water, so to feel pure, there’s no need for a bunch of clouds. 

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  1. Anu-şi ia , bunul rămas ,
    Prin clepsidra unui ceas
    Eu cu drag las al meu gând
    Veşmântându-l , în cuvânt !
    Să ai zile , luminate ,
    Nopţi cu clipe minunate ,
    Împliniri , surâs şi pace
    Să le poţi * face-desface *
    Fie-ţi viaţa mai uşoară ,
    Prin iubire , bunăoară ...
    Şi-n priviri catifelate
    Rânduieşte-le pe toate !

    Mulţi ani fericiti , Celestine !
    Cu drag , aceeaşi Iolanda S.@